The new advanced Date & Time Parser is very simple to use. It does a lot of calculations and brings up many time related information.


Sample Operations: The parser interprets editors code like:


Result = Startdatetime + 40 hours + 12 min + 1 year


in the form:


Result = C<[21.04.2004 | 16:19:18] + h[40] + m[12] + Y[1]


Result = 23.04.2005 08:31:18


or as span:


Result = 366.925 days or 366d 22h 12m


or as Julian Date: Result = 2453483.85




C< stands for Start Clock, D< for Start Date and T< for Start Time




Result = Startdate - Enddate


Result = C<[21.04.2004 | 16:19:18] - C>[20.03.2003 | 06:19:15]


Result = +398d 10h 0m 3s




C> stands for End Clock, D> for End Date and T> for End Time


The syntax was introduced in the early days of development and simplifies the parser's error input check. The output is in the normal form like +366d 22h 12m 0s (day, hour, minute and sec.) or 21.04.2004 16:19:18 or 04/21/2004.